Whether you’re seeking adventure or craving some R&R, Citrus County is a sightseer’s dream. Here’s your guide to the can’t-miss attractions in and around the Springs — as well as some lesser-known gems you’ll be thrilled to uncover.


Start in Homosassa at the Yulee Sugarmill deep in Old Homosassa. This sugar plantation is deep in rich history. David Levy Yulee was a member of the Territorial Legislative Council and served in the U.S. Senate after Florida statehood. The park contains the remains of a once-thriving 5,100-acre sugar plantation. A forty-two foot high stone chimney, iron gears, and press can all be viewed surrounded by a beautiful canopy of oak trees. In Old Homosassa, There many artisan shops one standout is Riverworks Art Studio. Copper sculptures are made with a flavor of this rustic fishing town..


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